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Surrounding Rustenburg are a number of platinum and chrome mines. While jobs in the mining industry are in a steady decline. Many people both from within South Africa and from the neighbouring countries still make their way to the area in search of work. The repeal of apartheid-era spatial controls in the late 1980s coupled with the boom in platinum and chrome in the early 2000s resulted in the rapid growth of informal settlements and villages on the margins of mining operations.

Everyday life in these settlements is largely characterised by waiting. Residents wait to get access to services for housing, electricity, water reticulation, health facilities, entertainment facilities as well as access to mining jobs and other forms of livelihoods.

Director: Joseph Mujere
Camera: Simon Gush
Sound: Victoria Wigzell
Sound Design: Andrei van Wyk (Healer Oran)
Editing: Simon Gush and Victoria Wigzell
Script: Joseph Mujere, Simon Gush and Victoria Wigzell